I once had a dream…

Whenever I dream about beautiful things, I find myself traveling around the world, going to special places, where I have a never-ending series of experiences. My last dream had its own name. It alluded to mountains, olive trees, countryside, green and blue, adventure sports, relaxation, light and water, warm people who make you feel right at home, unique and unforgettable flavors, life itself…

It was a region of Andalusia that completely captivated me. There, I was able to enjoy its cuisine, adventures, relaxation, a break from routine, sports, nature and cultural heritage. It was an authentic and unique destination that helped me travel through experiences that left me feeling speechless, just like when you fall in love. I experienced emotions and feelings that helped me enjoy an authentic region in the province of Córdoba.

A sea of olive trees and mountains enveloped its towns, the white villages of this place, whose name I’m beginning to remember: Destino Subbética. I took unforgettable trips, which stand out as beautiful memories, full of experiences for the five senses, for all tastes and for all types of people.

I remember that Destino Subbética offered an eternal landscape and left me feeling rejuvenated; able to enjoy the little things.

I awoke from my dream and I realized that life was just that, enjoying the little things which give it meaning. And Destino Subbética helped me remember just what they are:

  • Sharing a trip with those you love most.
  • Enjoying an eternal sunset.
  • Practicing a sport that you love.
  • Enjoying different, unique flavors which make your palate burst.
  • Returning to a hotel, a rural house or other accommodation – where time stands still – after a long day full of activities.
  • Treating yourself to a relaxing bath in a place that pampers both mind and body.
  • Taking a meditative moment to look at the scenery, a work of art or a piece of history, teaching us about the past, present and future.

Destino Subbética is one of those places etched in your mind, a dream from which you don’t want to wake, a dream which you want to repeat over and over again.

Won’t you come and dream with us?












14812 Almedinilla, Córdoba, España


14910 Benamejí, Córdoba, España


14940 Cabra, Córdoba, España


14810 Carcabuey, Córdoba, España

Doña Mencía

14860 Doña Mencía, Córdoba, España


14970 Iznájar, Córdoba, España


14900 Lucena, Córdoba, España


Calle Llana, 20, 14880 Luque, Córdoba, España

Priego de Córdoba

Priego de Córdoba, Córdoba, España


Calle Ramón y Cajal, 20, 14960 Rute, Córdoba, España


14870 Zuheros, Córdoba, España

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