in Subbética

A smell, a taste, an experience, sensations which stick in our minds and are pleasing to our senses. That is Oleotourism (Olive Oil Tourism.)

Discover a different way of exploring the wealth of Destino Subbética. Find out what makes this region special throughout the world, presided over by the centuries-old olive trees which give us the fruit we use to make the most wonderful liquid in the world: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can enjoy it in all of its beautiful towns and culinary destinations.

You don’t know a place well until you have tried its flavors, and we have so many of them.

Take away an experience that will leave you speechless, where you will learn to distinguish the best real Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Enjoy it firsthand in its natural surroundings; one of the best gifts that this land can offer in the Province of Córdoba.

Try Oleotourism in the Subbética, treat yourself to a captivating experience.

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